Monday, August 31, 2009

Off to Mrs. Shannon's

I had a job interview today on a short notice, so Tyson stayed with our neighbor, Mrs. Shannon! He was SO excited. She has 3 kids-two girls that were at school and a little boy that's 8 months.
As you can see, he is dressing himself these days. We actually went to the grocery store like this today. It's 90 degrees, he has shorts, rubber boots, basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and a
toboggan (spelling)! We got lots of looks and ooohhh's and aaawwww's.

The interview went really well!! I think it's a great school and they have a job opening from January to May only in first grade. I would be full time with teacher pay and benefits until the end of May when the teacher comes back, and it would at least help me get my foot in the door for next year. What was I thinking saying that I was not going to work??? Maybe it will work out for us. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Olive Street Gang!!

At any point in the afternoon, this is what our street looks like!! The bikes are lined up at some driveway! We counted and there are 23 kids in 9 houses on just our street! Most everyone has 3 to 4 kids-we have the least amount!
Speaking of all of the kids, we took most of them to the last Captains game this past week. They had a blast, and Captain Jack was a busy mascot trying to satisfy them! It was a nice game.
Tyson and his friend Brook enjoying seats all to themselves!! He calls her Brookie. They are sweet friends.
The ice cream truck came yesterday, and the kids took a little break in the shade to enjoy!! I think we were outside from about 2:00 to 7:00 yesterday. They do get their exercise here!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Avery Update

Well, in true Avery fashion, we are hearing alot of stories from school!! She is still loving it, but already wondering why she has to get up SO early!! She still has her alarm clock right beside her head, and has not heard it even once! :) We have to make sure that it's set every night just incase. She is so funny. She is NOT loving homework. She usually has about 3 pages per night, so it takes us a little while because she hasn't figured out that the faster she works, the faster she gets done and goes outside. She'll get it one day!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Look what Tyson has learned!!

I put Tyson down in his bed and rushed off to Avery's room to read her book so she could get to bed, and Josh called me and asked if I had read a book to Tyson. When I walked in, this is where I found him~he was in his bed when I left! He made it down and over to his bookshelf by himself.

I let him get a book and he crawled back into his bed by himself.

We read his TRACTOR book~4th time today~and he was ready for bed......................................UNTIL
He needed to go potty!!! I was sitting at the bar loading the pictures of him in his shoes, and looked over and this is what I saw!!! He took off his diaper in his room, and he crawled into the bathroom and went all by himself!!! I just don't understand why people don't take care of thier kids problems~the shoes were a nightmare at first, but as you can see...........if they don't know any difference, this is what you get
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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Not feeling too well today. Kids are good~Josh was set to get started on his first homework assignments and got his books out that we drove HOURS for yesterday, and one of the books was wrong! He is on his way back to Monroe to get the right book. I am laying on the couch sick, and the kids are destroying the house, but that's ok-I'll clean it later. Hope everyone has a good week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to work :)

It's back to work for me (finally)!! Who would have thougth I would have said that!!! After the year I had at school last year, I thought I would never be ready to get back to a classroom, but here we are, and I am ready! It'l like a kid on the first day of school~what to wear, truck loaded down with all of my classroom stuff, couldn't sleep last night, and up early this morning. This will probably be the only post before work~I'm sure I won't be up early anymore. It's supposed to rain today, so I am going to leave the truck in the garage to keep my things safe and also to see how much room I will actually have in my new room. Keep your fingers crossed!

Avery and Tyson are good! We went outside about 6:00 last night to let the kids ride their bikes for a minute since Avery's headache finally went away about 3:00, and ended up with another block party in our yard. We were sitting out in our chairs watching the kids and here come two different sets of neighbors and all their kids. We played outside until about 8:00 and finally decided to go get all the kids ready for bed since the big kids had school today. It's nice to be able to sit and talk with neighbors from all over. Josh loves talking to Nick who is a pilot and hear about all of his training with the air force. Avery and Tyson are both still asleep this morning. They are about to get up and get ready to head to work with me! Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend updates

Well, we made it through this CRAZY weekend!! Mom is now speaking to me for avoiding her on Friday (her b-day)!! The party seemed to clear her mind. We had a good time at the party and I think we actually surprised her! We all worked VERY hard to keep it a secret. Definatly worth it!

We ended up getting home about 3:30 Sat. afternoon. We didn't do alot. Josh washed his bike and the neighbors and their 3 kids came over for a little while. It was HOT, but a nice visit anyway.

Sunday morning we were moving slow, but ended up having a very productive day. Josh and Tyson went to Lowe's this morning to get things to install a dimmer switch in the hallway~Avery wants the hall light on at night, but it's so bright that she has to close her door almost all the way, so daddy saved the day and now we have a sleeping light in the hallway. After fixing all of that, we headed outside so that Avery could get a little rest. She has the same thing that Tyson had, so she is feeling SO bad. She has layed on the couch all day and has run fever and had a headache that is terrible. While she rested, Josh, Tyson and I cleaned out the garage and moved out all of my school stuff. I had to decide what to take to the school and what to put in the attac. We got it done and it looks great. All of my stuff is loaded in Josh's truck and parked in the garage until I can unload it at school, and everything else has a place!

While we were cleaning, new neighbors that just moved in came over and let thier boy play with Tyson outside. Noah is 18 months and loved playing in Avery's jeep. Tyson was not impressed, and didn't really play with him at all! You know, he's TOO big now to play with babies!!

Well, Avery is down in our bed so we can keep watch on her and Tyson is snuggling with monkey man in his bed. Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

She made it!

She made it through the day with smiles! I picked her up and she talked all the way home. (no surprise there) She said her day was GREAT! Today was just a day for assessments, so the whole class was not there. She said that she was so smart on her test and got them all right. I don't have that from the teacher, but Avery knows she got all of them right! Last night we had to bake cookies for her friends today, so we packed them up, not knowing if the teacher would pass them out, but she said that they all loved the cookies. They had them when they got up from nap time. Mrs. Gullatt even sent home a little surprise! She sent a book home for her. We read it as soon as we got home. She is ready to go back and she loves her teacher. She did say that one little boy got lost~that was almost the first thing she told me-you know, that is the stuff they remember!! SHe said that he was not in her class, but he got in the wrong line when they lined up outside, but they found him and he was ok. She was very concerned for the little boy and assured me that she would never line up with the wrong class and she would be careful and safe!

He is SO sick. I called the Dr. in Nacogdoches and got them to call in a prescription to Center since we were going to be there tomorrow, but when his fever got to 102, I called the mother of a kid I had last year that works in the pharmacy in Wal-Mart and she is taking care of all of the transfer information to get his medicine over here. Josh will go by and pick it up on the way home from work, so we will be on the road to recovery. He is on his 3rd nap right now. I hated to get him out to go get Avery, but when you move away from all family, you just have to do things on your own, right? He is sound asleep now though.

A Few Pictures for the memory books!

Well, this is it! She is dressed and ready! She was SUPER excited~excited enough to be WIDE awake at 4:00 am this morning. It didn't help things that Tyson was sick and throwing up, but why not? School has started back, it's time for sickness and crazy bedtime schedules, right? Anyway, she had a blast getting ready today. She wanted to use new cream in her hair to make it softer, and got dressed the first time I asked her. She was even convinced that her breakfast made gave her great energy!

I told Josh that she was too big to pick up now, but he told me NEVER. Just as he put her down, he told her to grab his hand because we were in the parking lot and she said "dad, I'm in kindergarten!" He just looked at me with the saddest eyes. I could have cried!
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School Starts!!

We went outside to take pictures and Tyson sat on the driveway watching all of the kids at the bus stop. Avery had to stand with the kids waiting for the bus until they left-which I didn't mind, because all of the parents were standing there cheering me on, one even brought me a BOX of Kleenex!!

On the way to school, she was having a fit because the cars in front of us weren't moving as fast as she thought they should. Everytime one vehicle inched up, she yelled for daddy to GO-there moving!! last reminder to use good manners and mind the first time. Sweet daddy!! It's a good thing she was smilling, because I think daddy would have cried if she did.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The night before Kindergarten!!

8:45-The clothes are layed out!

She's in her bed with the alarm clock close to her side (not that she will hear it, but it's there!!) She's ready!! She decided to pick out her own clothes-boy, that was easy-choosing from kakhi or navy blue skirts and shirts. I think I'm going to love this uniform thing. She cannot even fuss about the shoes she wears. Brown is the only option.
Just had to put Tyson on here. He is pretending to be asleep! He is so particular these days (well, really always) but he likes for monkey man to hold his back and he holds horsie in front of him. He is a MESS!! Well, say a prayer for our girl (and me and Josh) for tomorrow!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Captain Jack"

I wish I had pictures!! We took the kids to the baseball game tonight and they had a blast. We sat right behind home plate and it was not very busy, so Captain Jack the mascot came and sat right beside the kids and played with them for a while. Avery and Tyson were SO excited about it; they shook hands, played peek a boo, gave hi-fives, and laughes ALOT! After a while, Captain Jack came back and brought Tyson an autographed baseball bat. (tyson's size-it was small) I took pictures with my camera, but I don't know how to get them from there to here! Avery felt a little left out, so Josh took her to the sales room and bought her a bat. They went and found Captain Jack and Avery asked him for his "address" (autograph) so he signed hers too. They are the happiest kids around tonight. The WHOLE ride home the two of them talked about their experience. It was great!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet the Teacher-2009

Well, as we walked in, she was pretty excited. We found her desk (in the back corner-she'll probably get moved to the front pretty soon) and started filling out paperwork for the teacher. The time we could go was from 1 to 2, so it was packed in the room. I think Avery got a little overwhelmed!!

We toured the school to see what all we could find. The pictures where the paintings are was in the gym. This is also where the stage is.
She wanted to take a picture beside both of the paintings. We found the library, but it was closed. They will be able to check out books every week, so she was excited about that. On the way home, she got pretty quiet and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was a little scared. She said that she might not remember where her room was, so we assured her that we would walk her in until she remembered where everything was. She got a little better after that. :( Made me and Josh a little sad!!
I think he may be crying here!!! Not really, but he didn't take those shades off!!
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready for School!!

We spent the day at the dentist for a check up and then shopping!! Everything went good at the dentist~they gave her 2-3 weeks to pull the other loose tooth on the bottom before we have to go back and have it pulled. She promised that she would take care of it. Shopping went pretty good~we found 4 skirts, 2 shorts, 1 dress, 9 shirts, and knee socks in white and blue. She should be set! She is VERY excited. I would have let her put on her backpack to show you, but it is SO heavy with supplies, so that will be another day. I think we are really going to like this uniform stuff~easier to choose from in the morning! :)

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Big Kids

Tyson and Avery are going to be hard to get out of the summer routine! Here you can see that they enjoy dressing themselves daily. Tyson uses mousse to fix his hair, and Avery puts a little of every color on when she dresses.

Tyson decided to wear pants like his daddy, but we had to help him a little.
Check out his new boots!! He loves them. He wears them everywhere-most of the time, he has shorts on with them.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

new updates (finally)

So, it was brought to my attention (mom) that I never posted the happenings of the tooth fairy. SHE CAME!! Aver woke up and ran into our room at 5:20 am screaming "she came, she came, she came." It scared us to death. We both jumped up so fast thinking something was wrong and when we could actually make out what she was saying, it was all smiles! The tooth fairy brought 5-1 dollar bills! We went shopping the next morning and she bought 2 baby bottles and a set of pom-poms. Here in the 1st picture, she is playing with friends from down the street (there were 8-yes I typed 8 kids in our house the other night) during our "street meet." You'll see the wonderful bottle that she bought wuth her money in her hand raised high above the crowd! They wer playing babies.
I finally sent the kids home at 11:00 PM!!!! Told them they could come back another day-our street meets usually run into the late hours of the night, but SO much fun!!
The next morning, we got up and went to the fountains down town next to Si-Port and played with more friends. They had a great time!
There was a train that went through on the tracks that were above us and the driver stopped and waived and blew the train whistle for the kids. They sat on these benches for the longest time watching that train. You should have seen Tyson's eyes! He loved it.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Avery lost her 1st tooth!!

It's V ERY exciting around the Windham house tonight. At dinner tonight, Avery's first loose tooth fell out! She was SO surprised! She thought it was a chip and she took it out of her mouth and held it up and said "MOM"!! I looked at her face and knew right then what happened! Dad put the tooth in a bag and we have it all set up for the tooth fairy, BUT now Avery is FRIGHTENED about the tooth fairy!! She and Josh have had a LONG talk and now she is calling on me for answers! We'll let you know how it all turned out. The tooth may end up sleeping on her dresser for the night. She told Josh that she was afraid that if we put it on the dresser the fairy might not find it, so she would try it. :) Let me go see if I can answer!! Wish us luck with her questions~she is a pretty smart cookie!

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