Sunday, August 2, 2009

Avery lost her 1st tooth!!

It's V ERY exciting around the Windham house tonight. At dinner tonight, Avery's first loose tooth fell out! She was SO surprised! She thought it was a chip and she took it out of her mouth and held it up and said "MOM"!! I looked at her face and knew right then what happened! Dad put the tooth in a bag and we have it all set up for the tooth fairy, BUT now Avery is FRIGHTENED about the tooth fairy!! She and Josh have had a LONG talk and now she is calling on me for answers! We'll let you know how it all turned out. The tooth may end up sleeping on her dresser for the night. She told Josh that she was afraid that if we put it on the dresser the fairy might not find it, so she would try it. :) Let me go see if I can answer!! Wish us luck with her questions~she is a pretty smart cookie!

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