Thursday, August 6, 2009

new updates (finally)

So, it was brought to my attention (mom) that I never posted the happenings of the tooth fairy. SHE CAME!! Aver woke up and ran into our room at 5:20 am screaming "she came, she came, she came." It scared us to death. We both jumped up so fast thinking something was wrong and when we could actually make out what she was saying, it was all smiles! The tooth fairy brought 5-1 dollar bills! We went shopping the next morning and she bought 2 baby bottles and a set of pom-poms. Here in the 1st picture, she is playing with friends from down the street (there were 8-yes I typed 8 kids in our house the other night) during our "street meet." You'll see the wonderful bottle that she bought wuth her money in her hand raised high above the crowd! They wer playing babies.
I finally sent the kids home at 11:00 PM!!!! Told them they could come back another day-our street meets usually run into the late hours of the night, but SO much fun!!
The next morning, we got up and went to the fountains down town next to Si-Port and played with more friends. They had a great time!
There was a train that went through on the tracks that were above us and the driver stopped and waived and blew the train whistle for the kids. They sat on these benches for the longest time watching that train. You should have seen Tyson's eyes! He loved it.

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