Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend updates

Well, we made it through this CRAZY weekend!! Mom is now speaking to me for avoiding her on Friday (her b-day)!! The party seemed to clear her mind. We had a good time at the party and I think we actually surprised her! We all worked VERY hard to keep it a secret. Definatly worth it!

We ended up getting home about 3:30 Sat. afternoon. We didn't do alot. Josh washed his bike and the neighbors and their 3 kids came over for a little while. It was HOT, but a nice visit anyway.

Sunday morning we were moving slow, but ended up having a very productive day. Josh and Tyson went to Lowe's this morning to get things to install a dimmer switch in the hallway~Avery wants the hall light on at night, but it's so bright that she has to close her door almost all the way, so daddy saved the day and now we have a sleeping light in the hallway. After fixing all of that, we headed outside so that Avery could get a little rest. She has the same thing that Tyson had, so she is feeling SO bad. She has layed on the couch all day and has run fever and had a headache that is terrible. While she rested, Josh, Tyson and I cleaned out the garage and moved out all of my school stuff. I had to decide what to take to the school and what to put in the attac. We got it done and it looks great. All of my stuff is loaded in Josh's truck and parked in the garage until I can unload it at school, and everything else has a place!

While we were cleaning, new neighbors that just moved in came over and let thier boy play with Tyson outside. Noah is 18 months and loved playing in Avery's jeep. Tyson was not impressed, and didn't really play with him at all! You know, he's TOO big now to play with babies!!

Well, Avery is down in our bed so we can keep watch on her and Tyson is snuggling with monkey man in his bed. Hope everyone has a great week.

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