Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet the Teacher-2009

Well, as we walked in, she was pretty excited. We found her desk (in the back corner-she'll probably get moved to the front pretty soon) and started filling out paperwork for the teacher. The time we could go was from 1 to 2, so it was packed in the room. I think Avery got a little overwhelmed!!

We toured the school to see what all we could find. The pictures where the paintings are was in the gym. This is also where the stage is.
She wanted to take a picture beside both of the paintings. We found the library, but it was closed. They will be able to check out books every week, so she was excited about that. On the way home, she got pretty quiet and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was a little scared. She said that she might not remember where her room was, so we assured her that we would walk her in until she remembered where everything was. She got a little better after that. :( Made me and Josh a little sad!!
I think he may be crying here!!! Not really, but he didn't take those shades off!!
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