Thursday, July 16, 2009


You know it's good when I am blogging at midnight!

WOW!! What a story! We'll start with:
"The things I can do with a brand, a wire brush, and a hook" ~Josh Windham~

So, about 8:45 last night, the wind started to blow pretty good, so we went outside to "tidy" up a little before the rain. While Josh was putting the lid on the sandbox and I was putting the rocking chairs a little closer to the house, we heard a very loud noise then voices from down the road. We ran to the fence to see what happened and saw that a tree had fallen across the road and a car was stopped and someone was out and yelling loud enough for us to hear. Josh took off down the road barefoot, shorts and no shirt on! Thank goodness no one was hurt. The lady had just moved her car and parked when the tree fell and she was screaming "there is a God!!!" So, Josh comes back home and we settle the kids and sit down to watch TV. Not long after that, the satelite froze up and we just sat and talked until we put the kids to bed. Since it was coming a flood and the lightning was TERRIBLE, we let Avery lay down on the couch and I rocked Tyson then layed him down in his bed. They were both snug as bugs!! As I walked passed the window in the living room I noticed that there were flashing lights coming from down the road so since the kids were out, Josh and I decided to walk out and see if they were really cutting the tree during the middle of a lightening STORM! The rain had just about stopped and we were so happily splashing through the puddles and saw that they were infact taking care of the tree, so we were headed back in when I reached and turned the door knob and it was LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you read that? LOCKED!! We laughed for a second and wondered what we would do, but I never imagined it would come to what it did!
We stopped for a moment and looked around trying to figure out what we were going to do. We decided since Avery was asleep on the couch, and luckly since the blinds were open, we would just bang on the windows and wake her up. We debated for a while just because we didn't want to scare her! SCARE HER!!! A MACK TRUCK COULD HAVE COME THROUGH WIDE OPEN AND SHE WOULDN'T HAVE MOVED! We did everything we could think of. I must have rang the door bell 10,000 times and Josh even more than me. Now, remember, we are barefoot, and Josh still has no shirt on. It is after 10:00 and the rain was coming down again. We were running back in forth between the front yard to ring the bell, and the back yard to bang on the windows. We debated on breaking a window payne out of the door, but figured out that it was a solid piece of glass and didn't want to have to replace the entore door. We stopped again and looked around, all while banging on the windows praying that Avery would wake up. In the mean time, somewhere around 10:00, my cell phone, Josh's cell phone, and our house phone all rang because mom was worried about us with the bad weather (if she only knew!!!!!)and neither kid woke up. No luck waking her up, so we started grabbing everything we could to try to break in. I was not much help between running back and forth between the windows in the back and the door bell in the front. So, my amazing husband after about 1 and a half hours and ALOT of banging noises broke into the door. We had tried everything, and he finally pulled the frame back far enough with the brand and hammered the hook in enough with the wire brush that both of us were able to get in and get it open. The only thing that saved us from getting the cops called on us because of all the noise we were making was the fact that there were chain saws going just down the road! I really thought we were in trouble the last time I went around to the front and the neighbor was looking out her window when I walked from behind the house to the front, but she just shut off all her lights and didn't come back out!

Wow, what my husband can do with a brand, a wire brush, and a hook!!
I think a little touch up paint will work just fine! At least now we know that no one is getting in without a FIGHT!! If we are here when someone tries, we will know it long before they get in, though the kids will not be bothered by the noise!
Here is our little lady OUT in la la land! She sure sleeps hard! There is nothing bothering her. Guess I would rather have them sleep sound than wake up with every little sound. (though it would have been helpful this one time)
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