Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie Night

How about these glasses!! We took the kids to see ICE AGE in 3-D. They loved it. Avery kept saying that "it almost got me!!" and she thought that it was going to gobble her up!

Avery has been on a role tonight. She got mail from Ninnie and Papa and Brenda, so after leaving the movie, she called Papa and told him thanks for sending her mail and she told him that it was pretty smart for an "old man and an old girl" to send her so much mail!!!!! I was driving and almost ran off the road when she said that. I can't wait to call Ninny and tell her! She'll love it! After we got home, we changed and got ready for bed and that means story time. We were all in Tyson's floor and after setteling both the kids and Josh down, we read a book about puppies that kept digging under the fence and getting in trouble and going to bed without dessert. When we finished, she looked at Josh and me with a terribe face and said, "that mean momma" (I was thinking "mean" because she didn't let them have dessert) but NOT Avery! She said, "if she would take them out on a walk they wouldn't have to dig under the fence to get out. They just want to walk. And anyway, dogs eat dog food, not desserts!!" That's my girl!! Thinking outside of the box for sure!

By the way, she is getting her first book published as we speak! It is in publication and should be delivered to our door in about a week. We cannot wait to see it! She was the author and illustrator for the enitre thing. She just may be going big places in her life!
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