Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I had to post 4 pictures at a time and I should have started at the end of the pictures instead of the beginning so that the pictures would be in order. If you'll go down to the first post of these pictures and work back to the top, you'll see them in order.
We had a great time at Poppy/Da's playing in the water and eating TOO much good food. Since we mentioned good food, we came back in Sunday to eat at Ninny's and it was SOOOO good! There was enough food to feed a small army! Tyson at his weight in food and cake! If no one else enjoyed the food, Tyson did! Avery and Hunter were finished and playing for 10 minutes before Tyson ever got up from the table. I wish you all could have seen him having a CONVERSATION with his cousin Hunter~they talked about who knows what~you know I really think they can understand one another in their language. Sweet boys!
Thanks everyone for a great weekend. Hope you are all enjoying the rain.

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