Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day of Play

Our morning started with a little snuggling on the couch with Avery and Tyson, and before breakfast we found ourselves in a world of storybooks! We must have read 6 books while we were on the couch. I guess that lead to the playtime outside. Avery needed to get on her softball uniform (which she still has on) and Tyson wanted his shirt off and his helmet on. (boys!) Anyway, they played who knows what outside for about an hour this morning before we left to run our errands. We got done with everything and our friend Bridgett called to see if we wanted to meet for lunch and let the kids play for a while, so we had chicken nuggets and playtime. They had so much fun. Bridgett and I always say that we are going to let them play a little and be home by naptime, but so far we haven't made it home at naptime yet. They just play SO good together and have too much fun to leave. We're going to rest a while and then get busy picking up the house. Going out for Josh's birthday tonight with Randy and Lesa, and Donny and Jackie. (maybe we'll get Avery out of the softball uniform before then!!)

Tyson, Maloki, and Avery
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