Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're BIG kids now!!

AAAAHHHHHH!! Walking through sticky, yummy root-beer on the kitchen floor!! So, tyson now thinks that he is big enough to fix his own drinks! Good thing we don't cry over spilled milk (or root beer or kool-aid or juice or any thing liquid) !! They just run to the laundry room and get (usually a clean towell from inside the dryer) something to clean it up! We just tell them "good job cleaning, and maybe next time, ask mom or dad for help!" That never seems to work! Oh well, we'll be sad when they are ACTUALLY big enough to fix their own!
We had a great weekend! Josh kept the kids on Saturday so I could come in and go to Ashley's baby shower. It was nice when I said I was on vacation everyday, and after keeping the kids one day, Josh said that I was NOT on a vacation. It was good for him to see all that we do in the day~makes us appreciate each other more! ;) We took the kids to the pool Friday night and it was so nice out. Avery swam from the shallow end to the deep end without us in the pool! Josh was a nervous wreck! She is SO confident in the pool. She is doing great! We are just waiting for Tyson to bail in, but he is doing pretty good following the rules at the pool. Sunday was great. We stayed around the house and waited on the afternoon so we could go out for our usual "wait on the ice cream truck" play time. I think that is our favorite time of the week! Josh and I enjoy it SO much. We didn't get ice cream, guess we missed him, but we still had a great time. We went to the board walk and met Zane and his family for dinner. We had a nice visit. Hope everyone has a great week!! We are on the count down to vacation!! We leave Sunday for Orange Beach, Alabama.
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