Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, we have had a great day! Not much going on for a Saturday. (we usually go somewhere) We slept late and hung around the house for a while. Josh rode this motorcycle for a while before it got TOO hot!! The kids and I stayed home and got ready for the pool. We went swimming after Josh got home and stayed for a good while. Tyson didn't listen as well as normal, but we still had a good time.

This afternoon a little before dark we loaded down in mosquito spray and headed to the park. I think with the pool and park walks today, we walked a mile. (any little bit helps right!) The kids had so much fun at the park. We haven't gone in a while because of the heat, but it really was not bad tonight. We came back and dug into the watermelon from the freezer! MMMMM........ Tyson chewed it and spit it all out! We enjoyed it even though we learned that maybe the day after the trash picks up is not the day to eat watermelon (what do you do when you're finished with it????? We don't live in the country anymore where we can just throw it over the fence and it is gone by morning!!)

Oh well, off to church in the morning and a quiet afternoon that will probably involve the pool.
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