Monday, June 29, 2009


Goodmorning! I am a little behind this morning~you know, washing sheets and breakfast and all!

Sunday was good~we did't do much. We went to church and came back and had lunch and a movie~Horton Hears a Who~Josh laughed harder than the kids!! It was a cute move.

The last picture of Tyson is just to show you that he has learned a new trick~now, I didn't get a picture of him doing it in the act, but later thought about it and thought it was worth sharing. He can now get out of his bed with his shoes on! Now as you can imagine, this is no quiet task~the sound of his large metal bar scraping down the side of his wooden bed is unmistakeable. He probably got out of his bed about 10 times last night. We leave his door cracked a good bit so that he has plenty of light and Josh and I were in the living room watching him as he got out. He would slide himself across his floor until he could see out of the crack in the door and yell "momma~daddy" until we finally would get up to go put him back in bed. When he saw us coming he would turn fast and pull up to his bed and try to get back in, but he hasn't learned how to pull up both legs at the same time yet~I'm sure that is coming next!
Poor Monkey Man~missing one arm, has a hole, and his poor mouth is still broken~he sure loves Monkey Man!
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