Saturday, November 21, 2009

Avery's Thanksgiving play

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Soccer is OVER!!

You can only imagine how cold we were Monday night~it was in the 40's with the wind raging!! Avery had on 2 jackets, tights, gloves, and ear warmers! She looked like the marshmallow man under her soccer shirt. Her jacket is a very thick one and with the shirt on top of it she looked so funny. Everyone was laughing~she loved it.

After the last game, the team went to Ci Ci's pizza and got their trophy!! Avery loved it, and the pizza was not so bad!!
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These are Tyson's new favorite thing to wear! We were in Chili's with them on in this picture. It is the cutest thing with his rubber boots!!

Josh gets Tyson up and ready after Avery and I leave in the mornings and I think by looking at the picture, his daddy spoils him a little!! Breakfast in bed! So sweet!
We took the kids to ULM to see a game. They had a blast. We sat SO high, I was a nervous wreck! There were no railings, just high!

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